Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | August 6, 2009

Weekly Read-Along—August 7, 2009: The Herring Fleet

Material for the Stout-Hearted Reader to Ruminate

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Robert Wilson Lynd (1879 – 1949) was an Irish journalist, author and nationalist.  He wrote a weekly column in the New Statesman (UK) from 1913 through 1945.

This week’s text is “The Herring Fleet” from his collection of essays The Pleasures of Ignorance (1921).  This essay was originally published in Lynd’s column for the New Statesman.  In it, he reminisces about life in the Irish fishing village, Ardglass, which is located in County Down, Northern Ireland.

Herring (Clupea harengus) usually attain a length of less than twelve inches and are an important commercial fish.  Young herring are often canned and sold as sardines in North America, though sardines are more properly members of a different genus.     

Join others from around the world in this weekly reading event! You can find Lynd’s text at this website:

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