Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | July 22, 2009

POEM OF THE DAY: I Loved Her Like the Leaves

by Kakinomoto no Hitomaro (ca 662 – 710).

I Loved Her Like the Leaves

I loved her like the leaves,
The lush green leaves of spring
That pulled down the willows
on the bank’s edge
where we walked                                                            5
while she was of this world.

I built my life on her.
But man cannot flout the laws of this world.

To the shimmering wide fields
hidden by the white cloud,                                              10
White as a white silk scarf
She soared away like the morning bird
hidden from our world like the setting sun.

The child – the gift she left behind-
He cries for food; but always                                          15
finding nothing that I might give him.
I pick him up and hold him in my arms.

On the pillows where we lay,
My wife and I, as one,
I pass the daylight lonely ’til the dusk.                             20
The black night sighing ’til the dawn.

I grieve and I grieve and know no remedy.
I ache and know no road where I might meet her.


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