Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | June 15, 2009

POEM OF THE DAY: The Ass and the Flute

Tomás de Iriarte (1750 – 1791).

The Ass and the Flute

This is a fable
You’ll read at a glance ;
It shows what may come
From nothing but chance.

There roamed in a field,                     5
Quite near to the manse,
An ass that had come
That way by a chance.

He followed his nose
With pompous advance,                    10
And came on a flute
Left there by a chance.

The brute started back,
And gave it a glance;
Then softly drew near,                       15
And snorted by chance.

The breath entered in,
His soul to entrance;
For—great to his surprise—
He blew it by chance.                         20

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