Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | June 12, 2009

POEM OF THE DAY: While Loveliness Goes by

by Anna Hempstead Branch (1875 – 1937).

While Loveliness Goes by

Sometimes when all the world seems grey and dun
And nothing beautiful, a voice will cry,
“Look out, look out! Angels are drawing nigh!”
Then my slow burdens leave me one by one,
And swiftly does my heart arise and run                                    5
Even like a child while loveliness goes by—
And common folk seem children of the sky,
And common things seem shaped of the sun.
Oh, pitiful! That I who love them, must
So soon perceive their shining garments fade!                          10
And slowly, slowly, from my eyes of trust
Their flaming banners sink into a shade!
While this earth’s sunshine seems the golden dust
Slow settling from that radiant cavalcade.


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