Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | May 28, 2009

Weekly Read-Along—May 29, 2009: The Tragedy of the Commons

Material for the Stout-Hearted Reader to Ruminate

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Garrett James Hardin (1915 – 2003) was an ecologist and professor at Stanford University and then at the University of California—Santa Barbara. 

This week’s text is his essay published in Science Magazine, “The Tragedy of the Commons” (1968); it is among the most cited articles in that publication.   The tragedy refers to the hypothesis that individuals act in their own self-interest to the detriment of the common good, even to the extent that their long-term self-interest is harmed.  Hardin used the example of a group of herders sharing a common pasture to illustrate his point.

Join others from around the world in this weekly reading event!  You can find Hardin’s text at these websites:

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