Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | April 25, 2009


by Ella Higginson (1861 – 1940).


Beggars (before 1900)


Child with the hungry eyes, 

  The pallid mouth and brow, 

And the lifted, asking hands, 

  I am more starved than thou. 


I beg not on the street;                              5

  But where the sinner stands, 

In secret place, I beg 

  Of God, with outstretched hands. 


As thou hast asked of me, 

Raising thy downcast head,                      10

So have I asked of Him, 

  So trembling, have I plead. 


Take this and go thy way; 

  Thy hunger shall soon cease. 

Thou prayest but for bread,                      15

  And I, alas! for peace.



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