Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | April 14, 2009

POEM OF THE DAY: Like a White Stone

by Anna Akhmatova (1889 – 1966).


Like a White Stone (before 1921)


Like a white stone in a draw-well lying,

As hard and clear, a memory lies in me.

I cannot strive nor have I heart for striving:

It is such pain and yet such ecstasy.


It seems to me that someone looking closely                                5

Into my eyes would see it, patent, pale.

And, seeing, would grow sadder and more thoughtful

Than one who listens to a bitter tale.


The ancient gods changed men to things, but left them

A consciousness that smoldered endlessly,                                  10

That splendid sorrows might endure forever.

And you are changed into a memory.



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