Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | April 6, 2009


Alex R. Rhangabe  (1810 – 1892).

(also known as Alexandros Rhizos Rhankaves)




Behold, sweet love, all things on this our earth

Have been prepared with leavening of tears !

With tears, delight with tears, renown appears, –


With mingled tears hath every joy its birth.


O’er land and sea Man passes, still at strife ;

He passes memories, footprints, leaving none ,

With tears mute science following alone,


Grows old and dies ere he hath studied Life.


His vague desires across black chaos sail,

He hopes his hopes untimely withering fail

Winged shadows he pursues, on, on, they move.


Yet creeping through the darkness gently gleams

For him th’ illumining light of one star’s beams ;

One smile alone one smile consoles him Love.


(transl. by E.  Mayhew Edmonds)



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