Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | March 8, 2009

POEM OF THE DAY: Sprin’ Fevah

by Ray G. Dandridge (1882 – 1930).


Sprin’ Fevah


Dar’s a lazy, sortah hazy 

Feelin’ grips me, thoo an’ thoo; 

An’ I feels lak doin’ less dan enythin’; 

Dough de saw is sharp an’ greasy, 

Dough de task et han’ is easy,                                    5

An’ de day am fair an’ breezy, 

Dar’s a thief dat steals embition in de win’. 


Kaint defy it, kaint deny it, 

Kaze it jes won’t be denied; 

Its a mos’ pursistin’ stubbern sortah thin’;          10

Anti Tox’ doan neutrolize it; 

Doctahs fail to analyze it; 

So I yiel’s (dough I despise it) 

To dat res’less, wretchit fevah evah Sprin’.



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