Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | January 12, 2009

POEM OF THE DAY: Those Shandon Bells

by Denis Florence MacCarthy (1817 – 1872).


Those Shandon Bells (May 30, 1866)


Those Shandon bells, those Shandon bells!

Whose deep, sad tone now sobs, now swells–

Who comes to seek this hallowed ground,

And sleep within their sacred sound?


‘Tis one who heard these chimes when young,            5

And who in age their praises sung,

Within whose breast their music made

A dream of home where’er he strayed.


And, oh! if bells have power to-day

To drive all evil things away,                                             10

Let doubt be dumb, and envy cease–

And round his grave reign holy peace.


True love doth love in turn beget,

And now these bells repay the debt;

Whene’er they sound, their music tells                         15

Of him who sang sweet Shandon bells!



The bells are those heard in the cemetery of St. Anne Shandon Churchyard during the burial of Rev. Francis Mahony.   —from Poems by Denis Florence MacCarthy (1882)





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