Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | January 6, 2009

Junior Action Plan: Spring

You are half-way through the academic year!  Now is a good time to reflect on what you need to accomplish this year.  That includes raising your GPA as much as possible, preparation for the SAT and ACT (you should take them at least once in the spring and then again in the summer/fall), and making sure you are getting enough extra-curricular activities. It is a good idea to glance at a few college applications to see what types of things they require. 


Use this Action Plan for the Spring Semester:


1.      Continue your study regimen for the SAT or ACT.  Be sure to take practice tests under conditions that simulate those of the actual exam.


2.      Evaluate your academic performance for the last semester and make adjustments to your study habits.  Are you—spending enough time studying?—studying efficiently?—taking notes effectively?  If not, go to some of the earlier posts in this blog to get ideas for improvement (see the Categories Menu in the right-hand column). 


3.      Continue to maintain an independent reading program.  You should always have a book you are reading in addition to school assigned reading.  Also, join the Weekly Read-Along in this blog each Friday.





Start your spring reading with these great books—


1831: Year of Eclipse, by Louis P. Masur

From a Crooked Rib, by Naruddin Farah

Stiff:  The Curious Life of Human Cadavers, by Mary Roach

Miss Julie, by August Strindberg

Why Flip a Coin? The Art and Science of Good Decisions, by H.W. Lewis

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