Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | November 10, 2008

Link Highlights: Monday, November 10, 2008

Check out these links in the right-hand column:

·      College Admission Forum (found in Blogroll)

·      New Zealand Herald (found in News, under Pacific)

·      The Electoral College (found in Reference, under C)

·      Philly Hip-Hop Reader (found in Reading)


How hard can MIT be, anyway?  Check out the recent post on MIT in The College Admission Forum to find out!  Hint; don’t bother to pack your baby bottles; you’ll be cutting your teeth.  Reading The College Admission Forum is a great way to stay on top of the college application process.


The New Zealand Herald, headquartered in Auckland, has been published since 1863 and has a circulation of over 180,000.  Its online website has won numerous awards.

New Zealand is an island country with a population of more than 4-million, approximately 1250 miles southeast of Australia.  The capital city is Wellington, though Auckland is the largest city (pop. 1.3-million). John Key, from the center-right Nationalist Party, is the Prime Minister-elect (November 8, 2008 election).


We had the popular vote here in the U.S., now what?  Well, next the Electoral College must vote. (Does that mean there is still a chance Sarah Palin may be the next U.S. vice president?)  Don’t know much about the Electoral College?  Never fear; the U.S. National Archives to the rescue!


Ya know, this reading thing might catch on if we could just find a way to marry it with Hip-Hop.  Wait!  Philadelphia is way ahead of the game; no wonder the Phillies are champs. “Philly Hip-Hop Reader is a youth literacy program developed by the Urban League of Philadelphia to encourage middle school and high school students to read.”  It is sponsored by Verizon. All they ask is one book-a-month.  It’s a great way to increase the amount of reading you do.  Join in! (Me?  I’ll stick with Grover and Santa Cruzin’, , but I think they got something there with that reading thing. Peace.)

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