Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | November 6, 2008

POEM OF THE DAY: The Inner Man

by Yunus Emre (1238 – 1321).


The Inner Man


The inner man knows no worries on this path.

The inner heart does not know death.


Bodies perish, but not the soul. Those who are gone don’t return.

Bodies are for dying. That’s not what a soul is for.


The heart will never find the pearl it seeks,                                                             5

even in a thousand years, unless it’s given.


Be careful, your Beloved’s heart is easily broken.

Such fine crystal once shattered is never restored.


And unless you put your cup to the fountain,

even in a thousand years it won’t be filled.                                                           10


Both Khidr* and Elias drank the water of life.

These days they are not dead.


The world was made for the sake of the Prophet and his friendship.

Those who come to this world do not remain.


Yunus, today while you have eyes to see, do what you must.                         15

Those who attain do not come back.


(* Khidr in Islamic tradition is an immortal who may appear

in human form to give help and guidance to those in need.)



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