Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | October 18, 2008

POEM OF THE DAY: High Explosive

by A. B. Banjo Paterson (1864 – 1941).


High Explosive


‘Twas the dingo pup to his dam that said,

“It’s time I worked for my daily bread.

Out in the world I intend to go,

And you’d be surprised at the things I know.


“There’s a wild duck’s nest in a sheltered spot,                  5

And I’ll go right down and I’ll eat the lot.”

But when he got to his destined prey

He found that the ducks had flown away.


But an egg was left that would quench his thirst,

So he bit the egg and it straightway burst.                        10

It burst with a bang, and he turned and fled,

For he thought that the egg had shot him dead.


“Oh, mother,” he said, “let us clear right out

Or we’ll lose our lives with the bombs about;

And it’s lucky I am that I’m not blown up –                         15

It’s a very hard life,” said the dingo pup.



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