Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | October 17, 2008

POEM OF THE DAY: Adventure

by Alice Guerin Crist (1876 – 1941).




We found one evening, in the scrub,

a road the timber-getters made,

a winding, dim, mysterious track,

and we raced down it, half afraid.


The wild-hop vines grew high aloft,                       5

a winter’s chill was in the air,

and trailing sarsaparilla swung

it’s purple glory everywhere.


Then, curled within a hollow stump

down in a gully dim and deep,                               10

we held our breaths with awe to find

four dingo puppies fast asleep!


We stroked them, trembling, for we knew

that somewhere in the forest dim,

there lurked amid the gathering shades             15

the gaunt old mother, fierce and grim.


The dry leaves rustled, back we sped

to where the homelight beckoned warm,

to supper-time and Mother’s smile;

and nestling near her safe from harm.                20


We, thrilling, gazed into the night

where twinkling stars rose high and dim,

above the darksome scrub, where lurked

the dingo mother fierce and grim! 



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