Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | October 5, 2008

Link Highlights: Sunday, October 5, 2008


Check out these links in the right-hand column:

·      Pravda Online (found in News, under European)

·      CIA Factbook (found in Reference, under C)

·      Federal Reserve Bank (found in Reference, under C)

·      Credit Cards—Free Money (found under Useful Links)



Pravda Online is independent of the Russian newspaper by the same name.  The only connection between the two is that the online version was founded by former employees of the newspaper.  It has been online since 1999 and has a nationalist outlook on the news.  Russia has been a federation since the dissolution of the Soviet Republic in 1991.  Russia held national elections in May 2008, electing Dmitry Medvedev as Prime Minister and Vladimir Putin as President.


Is a person from St. Kitts a ‘Kitter’ or ‘Kittian’? (No problem!  Just go to the CIA Factbook website, select St Kitts and Nevis from the dropdown menu, and then click on ‘People’ in the categories menu on the right. Scroll down to Nationality and there you have it.) It’s neither; it’s ‘Kittitian’!  Now you can book a flight to Basseterre and enjoy some fun in the sun.  The CIA Factbook is a great place to look for all kinds of information on countries and nationalities.  Start becoming familiar with it today.


Banking crisis! “Can’t we just put in the reserve team?”  If that’s your response to the banking crisis—or, even if it is not—you need to visit the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank’s website.  There, you will find information on its history, structure, monetary policy and more.  Don’t forget to check out their presentation on “The Life of a Dollar Bill.”


All of this info on money is reminding me about something.  I ain’t got none!  It’s OK, though, ‘cos I got some plastic and I’ll just charge that pizza.  Wait! First, I better check out this link from the PBS show, Frontline…


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