Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | September 21, 2008


by C. P.  Cavafy (1863 – 1933).




Days to come stand in front of us

like a row of lighted candles—

golden, warm, and vivid candles.


Days gone by fall behind us,

a gloomy line of snuffed-out candles;                                           5

the nearest are smoking still,

cold, melted, and bent.


I don’t want to look at them: their shape saddens me,

and it saddens me to remember their original light.

I look ahead at my lighted candles.                                              10


I don’t want to turn for fear of seeing, terrified,

how quickly that dark line gets longer,

how quickly the snuffed-out candles proliferate.


Translated by Edmund Keeley / Philip Sherrard



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