Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | September 5, 2008

How to Use This Blog

There’s a lot of great stuff on this blog, but how should you use it to navigate through high school? 


To get the most out of it, consider this a dual-purpose blog.  First, use it daily as a portal to news, other blogs and entertainment.  Second, use it as a reference center when you need information for schoolwork.


I try to keep the blog’s content fresh by updating the POEM OF THE DAY feature daily.  These poems come from a diverse range of poets.  In addition to reading that day’s poem—and visiting the links associated with each poem—there is content to read daily that can be accessed from the links in the right-hand column.


The links listed under BLOGROLL take you to other interesting blogs.  The first seven numbered blogs lead you to student blogs. Some links are to medical student and law student blogs.  Other featured blogs include those of high school English teachers, college professors and a poet.  You likely can find something new to read in these blogs everyday.


The NEWS section of the right-hand column contains links to newspapers and other news services from around the world.  After familiarizing yourself with these links, choose two or three to visit everyday.  It’s a great way to become aware of current events while increasing the amount of reading you do.


The ENTERTAINMENT section also has content you can visit regularly.  Lastly, links to posts from this blog are listed under CATEGORIES at the top of the right-hand column.  Most of the posts deal with topics about education, for example, ‘how to study’.  Make it a habit to browse through them on a daily basis.


The second purpose of this blog is to be a reference center.  Many of the links in the right-hand column serve this purpose.  You can find them under the headings:




·      READING






You must become familiar with these links if they are to be effective reference sites.  


The links under REFERENCE are roughly arranged by topic: (a) math, (b) science, (c) social studies, (d) language, (e) general reference, and (f) college info. The STUDY TIPS section has links to great websites for improving your study skills—I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with their content.


The Weekly Read-Along is posted every Thurs/Fri and contains links to well-known historical essays.  Making a habit of reading those essays is a great way to increase the amount of critical reading you do.


Developing a routine of frequently visiting this blog can help boost the amount of daily reading you do.  Also, you will become familiar with a broad range of reference tools that will come in handy for many of your school assignments.

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