Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | August 20, 2008

Sophomore Action Plan: Fall

Your sophomore year should be dedicated to raising your GPA as much as possible. The best way to do this is to have a great study routine.  Use these three steps to develop a good routine: 1) improve your note-taking skills, 2) use your notes effectively, and 3) give yourself enough study time before an exam to assimilate the material. And, most importantly, don’t fall behind on your assignments/homework.


This action plan will help you stay on top of your studies:

  1. Evaluate your note-taking skills. The Cornell Note-Taking System (and modified Cornell System) is great for most situations.  Re-visit these websites to re-acquaint yourself with the basics: , , .
  2.  Visit Dr Rapaport’s website and evaluate your study habits: .
  3. Try to set aside at least three hours each evening for homework, rewriting notes, and studying for exams.
  4. Continue your independent reading program and read as much as possible.  You will likely take the PSAT this year, so make sure your reading skills are well-practiced.



Start your fall reading with these great books—


A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens

The Bridges at Toko Ri, by James Michener

The Cherry Orchard, by Anton Chekov

Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad

The Lion and the Jewel, by Wole Soyinka



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