Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | August 5, 2008

POEM OF THE DAY: The Inquietude

by Grażyna Chrostowska (1921 – 1942).


The Inquietude (Niepokój)


The day is like the inquietude of Chopin’s music,

The birds, scared away from their nests are circling

Low above the earth,

They are listening, afraid…


Quietness in the nature, warmth is like before a storm.                     5

From the West, low, dark clouds flow.

Waylaid fear strikes into the heart.

Homesickness, homesickness…


I want to walk on soggy roads,

Listen to the sound of wind,                                                                      10

Hunt the breath of spring time,

Feel the deepest feeling,

Find quietness in love.


I am walking, unable to find, keep changing and returning.

Somewhere far a way, village hamlets are left behind.                     15


Clouds flew to the East,

And on the east side,

Lonely, leaning, dark trees endure,

In the wind, and in the quietness,

They are swung by the inquietude.                                                        20



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