Posted by: W. E. Poplaski | July 29, 2008

POEM OF THE DAY: Ode to the Sun

by Eloise Bibb Thompson (1878 – 1928).


Ode to the Sun


How many scenes, O sun,

Hast thou not shone upon!

How many tears, O light,

Have dropped before thy sight!

How many heart-felt sighs,                                       5

How many piercing cries,

How many deeds of woe,

Dost thy bright light not know!

How many broken hearts,

That are pierced by sorrow’s darts;                     10

How many maddened brains,

That are wild with passion’s rains;

How many soul-sick lives,

Stabbed with despair’s sharp knives,

Hast thou above the skies,                                      15

Not seen with thy radiant eyes!

Shine on, majestic one!

Shine on, O glorious sun!

And never fail to cheer

My life so dark and drear.                                        20

Whene’er thou shinest bright,

And show thy brilliant light,

The cares I know each day

Silently steal away.



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